Who are Youth For Drug Prevention?

Youth for drug prevention is a youth organization that works to prevent drugs, with a large focus on early age tobacco and alcohol debuts. Youth for drug prevention is a youth organization which works to prevent drugs, with a large focus on preventing early age alcohol and tobacco debuts. We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization with local associations all over Sweden. The associations consist of young people (often students) that arrange events and other opportunities for young people in their area.

Youth for drug prevention believes that it is important to work strategically with drug prevention amongst youth. Some of the associations work with different kinds of contract methods, such as SMART and Tobaksfri Duo. Children and adolescents are thereby offered the opportunity to sign a contract where they promise to refrain from tobacco. Sometimes the contract also includes alcohol and other drugs.


The formation of Youth For Drug Prevention

Youth for drug prevention was founded in 2008. It was the youth council of SMART that took the initiative during a meeting in Tyresö (outside of Stockholm) to start an independent organization and named it Smart Youth. Since then, the name has been changed to Youth for drug prevention (or in Swedish – Unga Drogförebyggare).


Youth for Drug Prevention Today

Today, Young Drug Preventers consists of members and local associations around Sweden. Our organization is constantly evolving and growing. To become a member, one must promise to refrain from tobacco and other drugs. This is done either by signing the conditions of terms of the membership, or by signing a contract, promising to refrain from tobacco (and other drugs) and confirming a membership in the association.


Goal and Purpose

The goal is to work to inspire young people to live a healthy lifestyle, free from tobacco, alcohol and other drugs! We know how important the preventive work is and therefore choose to work together with young people, for a more inclusive, holistic and sustainable approach. We work with health factors, such as having social networks, knowledge sharing, health aspects, increased self-esteem etc. We also work with reducing risk factors, as we believe an increase in risk factors may lead to drug use.

  • Youth for drug prevention wants to gather all the young people that have signed a contract.
  • Youth for drug prevention wants to offer members a variety of benefits such as conferences, camps and other activities. They sometimes also receive local discounts in shops and restaurants for being a member.
  • Youth for drug prevention wants to form public opinion in regard to tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.
  • Youth for drug prevention wants to make it easier to say no to tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

Do you want to become a member, or do you want to know more about our organization? We are here for you! Don’t hesitate to e-mail us at: kansli@ungadrogforebyggare.se